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Pocket key holder

Made of ultra-light carbon fibre, holds keys tight and organized 

Keypack pocket key kolder made of carbon fibre

Five reasons to get a smart key holder

(in case you are wondering why you should organize keys)

  1. Stay organized so you always know where to find the key you need. Compared to a regular keyring, with a key chain organizer it is easier to find a key right away, even in the dark.
  2. Protects your pockets and everything else you carry together with your keys. Some keys might have rough or sharp edges and key hain holder works as shield.
  3. Prevents keys rattling and keeps these tightely together so whether you are walking or running, you do not have to listen to annoying jiggling coming from your pockets.
  4. Accommodates useful tools such us bottle openers, screw drivers, cart release keys, mini wrenches or mini-tool sets.
  5. It is a cool gadget and an eye-catcher. You will find many people asking you about your key holder, which is another way to start a conversation.
Keypack Smart Key Chain Holder made of Carbon

How does a pocket keychain work?

If you ever had a pocket knife (or have ever used one) you should be already quite familiar with the idea behind a pocket keyholder. You simply attach keys on both sides of the organiser using provided screws, spaces and screw-nuts. 

While assembling a key organizer is quite straight forward (and fun), it is worth of giving it some thought before you put all keys together, and it is for two reasons. First, when having more than 4 keys added, you want to ensure an easy access to all keys including those hidden in the middle so you can conveniently access any key whenever you need.

Key Chain Holder that looks like a pocket knife

The second reason is at the same time one of the greatest benefits of having an organizer - you can hide sharp edges that your keys have and protect your legs or any other item you carry together with your keys in your pockets from being scratched. If you would like to learn more sorting keys and placing these in an optimal setup, consider visiting our special guide: How do I organize keys with a key holder?

Key Chain Holder that looks like a pocket knife

As a general rule, the most common keys (typically those with a length of up to 6-7 cm) go inside. Any other keys that are longer or have a bulky form (like some chub or car keys), you can attach through any key ring. When you are done, you simply fold all of your keys before putting it back in your pocket. If you need to open a door, find the key and fold it out; afterwards just fold it back.  

Key organizer with attached car key on a key ring

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