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Getting started

Assembling Keypack Key Organizer is pretty easy and can be fun. Watch the video and learn how to add or remove keys.

Keeping screws tight

Below you will find some hints that will help you get it right:

1) When assembling your key organiser, ensure that the screw threads go almost through the full lenght of screw nuts.

2) Apply included rubber o-rings under screw heads.

3) Arrange keys so that distance between carbon plates is similar at both ends. 

4) Check periodically whether screws are not loosening up. Tighten them up if necessary.

5) In case it becomes necessary to tighten up screws more often than every couple months, you can try rearranging keys or applying pair of additional rubber o-rings under screw nuts. 

Spare parts

If you are missing any some of fixing parts there is no need to buy new key holder. In the shop section, we are offerring the complete set containing screws, nuts, washers and spacers.


Depending on a size of your keys, you might be able to accommodate up to 16 keys in the Keypack. However, if you intend to carry the Key Organizer in your pocket, you may want to keep the number of keys below 8.

It is perfectly fine to add keys that are not symmetric, or the the hole is placed in an offset position. Depending on the shape of the key, parts of it might be sticking out of the Keypack.

The distance between both holes in Keypack is 77mm. Whilst it is generally possible to add keys that are longer than that, those keys will likely stick out beyond the outline of the organizer.

It may be necessay to tighten up the screws every couple months. However, if screws loosen up more often, and you have followed the guidance from the section 'Keeping screws tight' above, you may want to contact us and request a nut-locking set. When contacting us, please provide the order number and order date.

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