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Ultra-light and strong

Made of premium quality pure 3K carbon fibre.


We have chosen carbon fibre for the body of Keypack key holder so you can enjoy it for many years. This material offers many benefits including low weight, high stiffness, temperature tolerance and high tensile strength. For the same reasons carbon fibers became very popular in motorsports, aerospace or military.

Accommodates up to 16 keys

Compatible with majority of common keys. Bulky keys including car, chubb and other larger keys can be attached to the carboon loop.


Functional offset design helps to organize keys in an efficent way and optiize the space inside of Keypack. Add up to 16 keys and arrange as you like so you can quickly find the key you need, even in the dark. Keypack will accommodate vast majority of keys that are commonly used and are less than 66mm long.

Keeps keys tight and organized.

No more key rattling.


No matter if walking, or running - Keypack stops the clatter so you can enjoy every moment without noise.
It hides sharp edges of the keys, hence prevents these from making wholes in your pockets.

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